Dr. Renuka Desai, a Naturopath by qualification & Holistic Healer by Profession. practices holistic healing using a multitude of methods like Quantum, MunayKi, Sound, and Reiki. Apart from this, she also is a proficient Astrologer, Graphologist, and a PyraVastu Expert. Thus, she has an Integrative and intuitive approach to LifeStyle. She has had the good fortune of being blessed by Many Souls for apt Solutions and Guidance related to Healthy Life.

She is the Founder & Director of “Aarth Aarogya”, the LifeStyle Clinic. She is associated with the Health Department of the International Human Rights Council as the President of West Zone, and Amplefy Group as a Host. She also holds the coveted post of National Secretary of The World United; and the post of Maharashtra Mumbai Chapter Head of Project Yug Parivartan.

Additionally, she does Frequency Healing for Specially Abled Children, practices ElectroHomeopathy, and Leaf Therapy using Leaf-based supplements. Her unique approach is to heal the inner child during her counseling sessions.

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