Appleā€™s India iPhone Output Hits $14 Billion: Report

Apple Iphone

According to Bloomberg News, Apple Inc will produce $14 billion worth of iPhones in India in fiscal 2024. According to the report, Apple currently manufactures up to 14%, or roughly one in every seven of its marquee smartphones, in India, citing people familiar with the situation. According to Bloomberg, Foxconn assembled about 67% of the […]

Dr. Manoj Kumar Krishnappa: A Visionary Leader in Business Development

Dr. Manoj Kumar Krishnappa

With a remarkable career spanning over 27 years, Dr. Manoj Kumar has emerged as a prominent figure in the fields of Business Development and Operational Excellence. His expertise traverses diverse industries, including Software, Aerospace, and Railways, with a footprint that extends across continents, notably Australia, Germany, and Asia. Dr. Kumar’s educational foundation was laid at […]